How America's best high school online education

  Deerfield Academy is a US high school eight schools Union League school, its status is equivalent to the Ivy League school in the United States. In addition to the high tuition fees and private about its 317-year history and a 12 percent acceptance rate will make it into a veritable high school elite schools.
The school has any experience in conducting online education, we look at.
The pros and cons of digital classroom
Deerfield Academy is currently widely used in the classroom teaching iPad and iOS software side, the next class tend to use Moodle layout and submit jobs, in order to achieve the digital classroom and beyond.

  Currently, Deerfield many subjects (such as Chinese and French) has half of the teaching curriculum using iPad. The advantage is that many students can not carry heavy textbooks, directly using an iPad it integrates all the textbooks and reading materials sent quizzes, and even complete quizzes.
     But not everyone likes this electronic, Deerfield's Chinese teacher Feng Xiao Feng (sound) will be on teaching rather criticized the iPad. In her view, the use of teaching in the liberal arts curriculum iPad just electronic books, and did not fundamentally different. Although half of the courses she teaches are pure iPad classroom environment, but she still likes to use a physical book teaching.
     In the United States, many high schools, including Deerfield, including, already at the leading edge of digital technology in the classroom, but they only do alternative electronic products, namely, the use of electronic products and services instead of the original service (physical books), electronic technology does not yet bring the classroom to enhance efficiency.
     Outside of work in the classroom, Deerfield currently using open source education platform Moodle. Teachers are free to upload videos and written material on the platform, students can submit jobs to a multimedia form. In other words, in the foreign language class, students can practice speaking in audio form handed, some specific job, such as a verbal answer open-ended questions can also be submitted to the video. For many students, the video is more intimate than the text, and video post some jobs faster.
     Despite these benefits, but some issues still submit jobs online, such as a teacher mentioned that, in her view, Moodle is a relative lack of censorship (CheckSystem). For example, you can not know after reading the material sent in the past students have much time to really look at, and how much of the time to go to God.
     But I think they can achieve through the background monitoring data. Go back through the pages, such as monitoring data to get an average reading speed of a student writing materials, a way of solving the subject time. This may become more popular in the online education appear.

     Advantages offline

     Although very digitization Deerfield classroom, but still with classroom-based entity. Largely a problem of online education has not solved is how to allow teachers and students to communicate in real time. If the student is a open question to answer, but I hope, I asked the teachers to understand their hand when the job will be submitted through the network was not very often in real time.

     Of course, to the real-time communication is the essence of the MOOC lies. Only remove the teacher and student exchanges, to make the same course can accommodate thousands of students. But it also reflects a negative core strengths of the line education - low teacher-student ratio. Currently Deerfield faculty ratio at 1:5, that every five students with one teacher. Such a ratio allows students and teachers can communicate in real time on any issue, students can also find a specific teacher to complete the study of the direction they want.

     In addition, there is little advantage of the line education is the diversity of its teaching methods. Different students are often used to a different way of learning. Some yourself to learn faster, some are more suitable for listening to some more suitable for watching. You can arrange the line teaching different teaching modes, such as doing experiments, lectures, demonstrations, etc., take care of all the different types of learners. And at this point, most of the current online education is also limited to video lectures, and then answer the quiz testing stage.

     Network educational resources and line quality resources disjointed

     Chemistry teacher Ms. Mary Ross Deerfield very concerned about the Internet education, she recorded a chemistry class the next few months will be on the line at Khan Academy.

     In Ross's view, there is no network K-12 science education curriculum set into the system, and is currently on the Khan Academy curriculum is too rough, she is hard to imagine how they could do worse. It also reflects the status of the US K-12 online education market currently: online courses and the quality of the line resources out of touch, hugs every large companies are some of their own resources.

     These are teachers, one of America's most famous high school Deerfield Academy for a number of online educational experiences and views, taking into account the differences between Chinese and American high school education, which can draw on part of the future there may mimic parts of China, but also and China is different sections. e board will think we can draw their own opinions and conclusions.
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